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Business introduction

Personal credit loans

  personal credit loans refers to the banks to provide credit to the natural persons provide the financing mode of operation. Borrower qualifications

a 1, over 18 years of age, with full civil capacity.   Credit maturity age, men over the age of 60, women over the age of 55.   Credit Bank of 2, permanent residence and a valid proof of residence.   3, to provide credit guarantees approved by the Bank. 4, good moral character, no bad habits.   
, loan amount, term and interest rate
amount of credit according to credit the financial status, credit and credits provided by (MS) delay value and third-party assurance of ability to determine credit amount does not exceed 2 million. Credit is valid for 2--5 years, loans under the credit may not exceed the credit limit.
c, and personal business sex loan needed provides information
1, and was award letter people and the spouse of ID, and marriage certificate, and booklet, photos two Zhang; 2, and individual business households needed provides license and the related industry of business license; 3, and property mortgage or pledge of, should provides mortgage real ownership proved and the right to disposition people (including property total people) agreed mortgage or pledge of commitment, Bank recognized sector issued of mortgage real valuation proved; 4, and Bank recognized sector issued of was award letter people and the spouse career, and income proved 5, other documents required by the Bank.