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Business introduction

Personal consumption loan

  personal consumption loans granted by the Bank to the borrower for consumption specified purpose Yuan of secured loans.
a, use
loans for the purchase of loans shall be submitted to prove that buyers use the authenticity of the data, such as a letter of intent for the purchase contract, subscription, deposit receipt, receipt of payment, and so on.
loans for car purchases, information required to prove authenticity of purchasing purpose, such as contract, subscribed the letter of intent, the deposit receipt, the receipt of the first payment.
loans for renovation, required to prove authenticity of decoration materials, such as the renovation of the property out, renovation contract, advance payment receipt.
b, and loan amount
by assessment total of 70% loan
c, and personal business sex loan needed provides information
borrowing people application loan Shi should provides following material: 1, and borrowing people and the spouse of ID, and booklet, and marriage status proved; 2, and property, and land titles; 3, and borrowing people enterprise of license, and inspection funding report, and company articles, and financial report, and purchase and sale contract,; 4, and about shareholders will resolution or shareholders will statement; 5, and as Department plant and the land mortgage, Will provide the certificate from the local land and the land use certificates and digital land, land transfer payment vouchers or land or land transfer contract, construction planning permits; 6, other documents required by the lender.