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Business introduction

Personal business loans

  personal loan means the lender to the borrower's operating expenditure RMB loans, carry out "effective guarantees, earmarks, amortization" principle. Loans in principle in 18-60 years of age, with full civil capacity, self-employed, sole proprietorship business limited liability company, partnership, participation, and so on.
a,, and borrowing people subject qualification
1, and years full 18 age, has completely civil capacity of natural; 2, and individual industrial and commercial households; 3, and natural owned enterprise of investors; 4, and partnership enterprise of main partner; 5, and limited responsibility company of statutory representative people or main shareholders, including actual funded people (actual shareholders); 6, and contracting rental people, and affiliated company or b engineering project manager. Continued, such as notary in the loan contract.   

b, provisions 1, legal for the borrower in the investment activities of normal funding requirements, such as temporary, seasonal working capital during continuous operation, the purchase of (maintenance) related equipment, decorating premises.   2, encourage the manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade and transport logistics and other national development priorities and supported by industry and major payment by our Bank, business enterprises run by individuals of good, clear business loans.   3, prohibition of loans for real estate development and land bank, prohibition of loans and financial investment funds to enter the stock market. 4, prohibits the unsafe, poor quality, poor market, "energy", "dirty" business issue the loans.

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