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Business introduction

Personal borrowing

  ☆ super high loan amount the amount to meet various consumer needs.
☆ versatile car, decoration, travel, study, consumption, as you choose.
☆ easy recycling, hop by hop, wanted to use it.
☆ Save money interest rates ultra-low. While using consumer, you can also enjoy up to 50 days of interest-free period.
☆ applicable to customers
all the customers who need to apply for a personal loan
car, decoration, travel, study abroad ... ... Various uses of your choice! Loan amounts of up to 20 million Yuan! 30 year long term, meet your demand! Turn your property into a cash machine, enjoy!
term: credit terms of up 30 percentage of
70% Max

handling processes your loan successfully, only three steps!
the first step: filing
step two: banks
the third step: withdrawal of consumption