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Offers shrink does not mean mortgages not

  after the Central Bank adjustment lending interest rates, banks are understood as the mortgage had been reduced, most banks and even directly down to 70 percent interest rates on loans, which gave the community a great deal of response. Also on the decline in interest rates has clearly defined and require lower interest rates do not quarrel over 70 percent, this is a blow to most banks. This is also why the interest for the loans did not fall trends. This is also a result State regulation, unsecured loans and tell interested parties of the shrinking market.
experts in the Bank said Bank factors in rising interest rates for loans are the Bank the amount of the mortgage is too large, capital returns has some problems. Lead the Bank to raise interest rates, controlling the number of loans is also a reflection of capital returns as soon as possible. Some banks will generally meet in the second half, bank lines of credit, line of mortgage loan issues such as tension, which can also lead to other banks for some shrinkage is normal rate. There is also a bank benefits of late is not a lot in terms of mortgages, even cut interest rates for the loans attract a large number of consumers are unable to own banks themselves have a lot of help, this is an important reason banks raised interest rates.
, Bank home loans is no longer a sheep, many of the larger banks are pursuing microfinance investment projects in this area. Because national policies are now more focused on small investments in this one.

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