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Mortgage is not to be so easy

  loan to buy a house in today's society can be said to no longer be a very unusual thing, it has become a consumer trend in society today. But the loan is not as easy as you think, the housing there are a lot of you don't know the secret. For loans, you should always pay attention to national mortgage this policy change. Unsecured loans will come and tell you about recent news on home loans.
in recent home loans has a polarized, do you know about this? Mortgage main said polarization is a recovery in Bank lending interest rates to benchmark interest rates, while some other Bank continues mortgage 85 percent off the flag, did you know about the cause of this phenomenon. There are two possible reasons for this, the first Central Bank lending rates may be a tone on tone u market impact is too great, resulting in mortgages on the market are no longer so easy. Second is that due to the benefits of a mortgage to the Bank is getting smaller and smaller, between the interests of each bank only smaller, each bank's economic pressure, so adjust the focus.
mortgage policies are also watching all the time, there are two pins on the market is very large. So people in the mortgage loan but also to focus on national policy.