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Loan industry, butterfly effect

  since private loans this year have been recognized by national, which means bargains in the Chinese territory. But since the regulations governing private loans are not very perfect, so a lot of unpleasant things happened. With further regulation of national policy, lending rates down, causing micro-credit more difficult. Unsecured loans in Shanghai and some of the issues we talk about micro-credit:
in the lending industry has been developing rapidly today, people need more loans, but banks are not able to provide small loans to help these people to solve these problems. Update changes in the loan industry, people loan industry tends to be commercialized, and innovation is particularly important at this time. Regulation of Bank lending rates can be said to be a huge impact on the small loans, due to a preferential policy of the Bank loan interest rates, small loans can give a clear offer, so this will bring huge losses to small loans.
it is so called because some very small changes of the Bank led to a huge fluctuation of the microfinance industry, can be said to be a butterfly effect. For such a situation, lenders should adopt preferential policies for more consumers, which can reduce losses.