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Buying a House there should be some common sense

  recent national housing regulation, issued a number of new policies impact on the property market can be said to be dynastic heartland. In the case of characteristics of such a purchase, so when they buy a House should pay attention to what situation? Unsecured loans to tell you to buy a House when you have great common sense, here to share with you the following:
, when the buyer signed a sale agreement, revealed that the decline in real estate prices, required check out of difficulty is big, so requires supplementary contracts, he said.
II, in time to buy presale is a kind of promotion, you can very well get your own real estate, but to know the advance sale of commercial housing can be, those who do not will to really know.
third, do not be deceived by those selling investment institutions, have their own ideas, to strictly limit the purchase of such real estate.
four, to do their own very clear whether developers be held financially responsible.
five, developers have encountered in the process of the housing problem is how to deal with, as consumers need to know.
is the General time to buy some of the questions consumers need to know, but also developers in real time to make some considerations you need to know. For the common sense, know more clearly, more simple liking you buy will begin.