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Bank lending is still leads

  in the lending industry have a lot of loans, such as bank loans, financial loans, credit card loans, and so on in three ways. With the further upswing in house prices, increased down payment on a first mortgage that is putting pressure on people. Loan industry in China is the dominant Bank loans, unsecured loans and bank loans to some of the issues we talk about:
first of all, in loans for China's market, there are many, many banks, for example, also has a fierce competition between banks and Bank. In the fierce competition to get interest, will have the general consumer, how to appeal to consumers, it is preferential loan interest rate policy is good to attract the consumer's attention. Secondly, those small and medium sized banks in the loan industry which plays a ride under kai, gave some market demand interest from a big bank loan, also give smaller banks a clear opportunity in the market. This is one reason why banks in the lending industry is still the main character. Last is part of the small and medium sized banks in real estate loans to not eat blood turned to other projects, home loans are not very sensitive.
so how do for consumers to choose a mortgage. This is buy some common sense, consumers choose to buy time to note the existence of preferential interest rates of bank loans, if you go to a loan without discount you can consider a bank loan.