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  Ningbo suitable loans in January 2012, the company was founded. The Ningbo industry and Commerce registers the establishment of specialized non-governmental capital operations and debt investment business limited liability companies, consulting services. Based in Zhejiang.
Ningbo fast should be pass loan company for civil platform ends of customer provides credit created, and Ningbo fast should be pass loan company, and Ningbo loan company, and Ningbo small loan, and Ningbo no mortgage loan, and Ningbo personal loan, and Ningbo short-term borrowing, and Ningbo short-term loan, and Ningbo small loan company, and Ningbo no mortgage loan company, and Ningbo mortgage loan, and Ningbo property mortgage loan, and Ningbo housing mortgage loan liquidation paid, and resources configuration, and information provides and risk management, service. At both ends of the platform, one end is the financing needs of financing, financing can be an individual or enterprise, financing purposes including personal debt financing, project loans, business listing, the short-term Fund. Platform at the other end is the financial needs of the investor, the investor may be individuals, can also be a Bank, guarantee companies, pawnbrokers, fund companies and micro-credit companies.
finance chattel mortgage, real estate, such as mortgages, credit guarantees, ensure that collateral and take full advantage of the mortgage under the premise to get the funds at a lower cost. Cast melting through Ningbo Czech docking platform, develop a lending relationship, investors receive interest income, financiers to obtain financial support.
since established has to, Ningbo fast should be pass loan company adhering to Corporation "keep road are has been, cross Cheung Czech out" of enterprise spirit, adhere to the "heart service, with wisdom create rich" of service concept, for customer provides professional, and full of civil financial service, will in the high income crowd of free more than funds reasonable to leads many credit good and need help of crowd, will social idle funds better to for configuration.